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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Orlando Businesses Can Use To Get Their Building Back to Normal Quickly

From Mother Nature to plumbing issues, water is an accident waiting to happen. Water issues can cause extensive damage to your building, then requiring costly clean-up and repair. It can also create significant indoor air quality problems, which may have large and far-reaching complications. That’s why you need a commercial water damage restoration company Orlando companies can trust.

We work with any type of water damage including clean water, grey water and even black water. We also work on any scale, from an overflowed toilet to hurricane damage and flooding.

Though there are many commercial water damage restoration companies in the Orlando area, we use advanced equipment and techniques to provide better results for our clients. Along with our standard equipment mentioned above, we also go above and beyond with additional solutions for even the most challenging situations.


Specialty Drying

Custom drying chambers for the most challenging rooms and fixtures.

Thermal Imaging

Quickly and easily identify areas of concern for further evaluation.

Pathogenic Remediation

Halo Disinfection System is proven to be the most thorough and cost-effective system to treat all exposed surfaces within a room.


Dedicated Project Manager

Every job will include a fully equipped team and a dedicated project manager for the best continuity of service throughout the project.

Documented Reporting System

We use industry best tools of the trade to document the job, both with photos and in writing, so that we can provide a complete and accurate scope of work and billing at the end of the project.

Insurance Management

We can work with your insurance company, if necessary, to help make sure you are whole again after your commercial water damage resolution.

Once we complete a commercial water damage restoration project, we pass it off to the build-back team. Once, they have completed their work, we provide you with thorough reporting of the process and the end result of a building that has been returned back to normal. You’ll never even know the accident happened.


Our water damage restoration specialties are large-scale commercial buildings, hospitals, and associated health facilities in Orlando.

water repair construction

General Contractors

We work directly with General Contractors on new builds and with Property Managers on existing buildings. New builds have their own sort of problems with so many subs working on top of each other in a fast-paced work environment. When an issue is created in this environment, we understand your need to get back to work. We respond quickly, create the most effective remediation solution, then get it done and get out of your way as quickly as possible, so that you can resume your project.

Commercial Real Estate Water Damage

Property Management

For existing buildings, we also understand that most of them are tenant-occupied and any disruption of work is a problem for a lot of people. So, we also work with speed and diligence in these situations to get your building back to working order and keep your tenants happy.

Hospital water damage

Hospitals & Health Care

We have many years of experience in hospitals, clinics and MOBs, and we have crews that service health care buildings all day, every day, so we understand the necessary interaction protocols as well as all safety requirements including ICRAs, PCRAs, signage, cleanliness, negative pressure, and so on. Hospitals regularly have water issues – they may be from a backed up drain in the kitchen, to a broken toilet on the 5th floor that also floods all floors below. We know all of the intricacies of all of these situations and will help you solve all issues.


Remediation Specialists has Central Florida crews on call 24/7, and we are generally on-site within ONE hour of your call, with a fully appointed water damage restoration crew and plenty of state-of-the-art equipment.

We actively service all of Orlando and the outlying areas, including N to Sanford and S to St. Cloud. We also have teams who cover all areas out to both coasts. On the West side, we cover Lakeland, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Tampa and St. Pete and all surrounding areas. On the East side, we cover Palm Bay, Melbourne, Sebastian and all surrounding areas. We also have the capability to service all of the state of Florida, from Jacksonville to Miami, for large commercial water loss issues.

When we arrive on a new commercial water damage restoration project, we start with a thorough evaluation of the area to determine the source of the water. Once we stop the water, we immediately begin the drying process. By using industrial vacuums, dehumidifiers, air movers and ultraviolet fans to rapidly dry your space, we work to reduce any additional damage, such as the growth of mold. If we can catch the issue within the first 24-48 hours, we have a good chance of preventing the growth of mold. This is one of the many reasons you want to call us as soon as you realize you have an issue.


We are on emergency call 24/7 but if you have questions about our products or services, you can use the form to the left to contact our offices. A friendly staff member will return your message as quickly as possible.

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