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Some of the primary materials include brick, cement, cement or block with stucco finish, split-faced block, and EIFS. We usually work on these types of repairs in conjunction with a painting or coating project, and we can do them as stand-alone projects as well.


  • All of these materials are subject to cracks and breaks.
  • Even the smallest spider crack can be a starting point for water to enter the building.
  • A coat of paint on top of your base material, may offer some protection, but is not a guarantee of keeping water out.


Depending on your building material, we work to find the leak and make appropriate repairs.
– Some common issues in these materials include:

  • Spider cracks
  • Failing mortar in between blocks or bricks
  • Chips or breaks in any of the materials
  • Peeling stucco
  • Nicks, dings and holes in EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) – EIFS is a soft material which is easily damaged and then soaks in water

– As with other building repairs:

  • we investigate to find the issue
  • then remove any laitance and deteriorating materials
  • remove all damaged materials, back to solid surface before we start the repairs

– The repairs may be as varied as the damages themselves, but generally involve the following methods:

  • Elastomeric patching compound
  • Concrete patching
  • Silicon or polyurethane or hybrid sealant
  • New Stucco
  • New EIFS
  • Tuck-pointing for brick

– Finally, we match the coating, as close as possible to the rest of the building for an attractive finished product.

exterior building repair

Pro Tip

  • Preparation is key! Make sure your contractor removes all damaged and deteriorating materials so there is a good base for new repairs.
  • Proper materials matter. Make sure your contractor is working with the proper repair material for your building.
  • Make sure your contractor can produce a quality end product. Very few people repair EIFS properly and even fewer people are actually skilled enough to do tuck-pointing.


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